rummy smart

Responsible Gaming


Rummy smart (alternatively, “We”) highly values its consumers and is committed to safeguarding and protecting their rights and interests. We take pride in providing an online Rummy gaming experience that motivates and helps players manage their time and involvement in a responsible and efficient manner.

The Fundamentals Of Responsible Gaming:

  • Users who register or sign-up and play games on RummySmart Platform must be 18 years and above.

  • Be aware that the skill-based cash games like rummy, as well as other games accessible on the RummySmart Platform, are just for enjoyment and fun. Do not let it replace your other sources of income.

  • You should not play continuously, set time restrictions and often take breaks.

  • Playing shouldn’t interfere with your daily activities and lifestyle.

  • Do not let your gaming interfere with your private or personal lives

  • Realize when to hold yourself back from playing.

  • Maintain a healthy balance between your playing and any other pursuits you may have.

  • Keep a different budget just for fun. Playing with money that you have stored for crucial or necessary needs is not advisable.

  • Remember that your performance or success in the game on RummySmart platform will mostly depend on your ability and familiarity with them. Therefore, in order to maximize your performance and prevent the onset of addictive and compulsive behaviors, you should research and access and examine your games.

  • It’d be better to avoid playing when you are exhausted, overworked, or under excessive stress.

  • Playing while working on something or doing important tasks is not permitted.

  • Allocate a specific window and limited time during the day to play on RummySmart.

  • Avoid making an effort to make up your losses by playing at tables where the stakes are larger.

  • Users should balance their time on the RummySmart Platform with other interests, activities, and Hobbies in order to find entertainment outside of RummySmart.

  • As drinking or using other intoxicants while playing the RummySmart Platform games might seriously damage your abilities, so please avoid doing so.

  • If you feel that you need any kind of assistance in this regard, we invite you to contact RummySmart by sending an email to